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Things I Did That You Might Not Know About

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I made a magazine, once. Actually, I made a magazine twice. Then I burnt myself out trying to do it all too quickly, took a year off and didn’t think I’d ever do it again.

Issue 1 – Télégramme Magazine

Issue 2 – Télégramme Magazine

I’m in the midst of working on issue 3. It’s mostly together, there are a few bits and loose ends to tie up but it’s getting there. Probably most of the readers of this blog have come in the last 12 months or so, so maybe you weren’t aware that before I was a bit of a wreck I used to be the editor of something really worth looking at. Who knew?

I’d love it if Issue 3 could generate the same type of excitement that the first two did, so if you want to know more about it just add it on Twitter or follow it on Facebook. At the very least it’s giving me something to do, right?

Protected: Absence

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30 Day BC – Day 30 : The Book By Your Bed Right Now

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I bet you didn’t think I’d finish this, did you? (Confession: I didn’t either.) But here we are, finally, day 30 and thankfully for me it’s a nice easy one. By my bed at the moment are:

Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar – borrowed from Hayley, I’ve actually finished this one and yes, I enjoyed it. Guilty pleasures by damned, I enjoy slightly trashy books, okay?

Zero History by William Gibson – I read one of his books and really loved it but I haven’t been able to get into this one. Eek.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov – this is a bookgroup book. I’ve barely started it and have never read a Russian novel before, hopefully it won’t be too hard.

My Kindle also has 173 ‘to read’ books on it. Er, oops?


101 in 1001: Update

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This is it, kids. The last few days of my 101 in 1001 challenge. So, what have I got left to do? Will I manage to tick any more off before the 29th of September rolls around? I’ve managed to do a couple more, thankfully, but I know they’ll be some left by the end of it. Luckily for me, I can just shove the ones I want to keep on my Life List – it’s my life, my list and my damn rules. (Phew.)

Completed Goals:

24. Send a postcard to www.postsecret.com
I didn’t actually create a physical postcard and send it in, but I did make one on the postsecret app and  upload it, so I’m going to tick this one off. No, I’m not going to tell you what it was but I will say it wasn’t directly related to me. Ooh, mystery!

78. Use all of something before buying anything new
I am much, much better at this than I was so I’m going to mark it off as done. I gave away a lot of things that actually didn’t suit me to the Give and Make Up charity recently, and I’ve been trying to use up things that I’ve have lingering for a while. Of course, now I’m unemployed I actually can’t buy anything new, heh, which will presumably help in the long run.

This project has been fun, but hard work. I think I’m going to enjoy my Life List a lot more since it doesn’t really have a deadline and is more about joy. Yay for joy!


Autumn Lunch

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I’ve been playing around on Polyvore again, after Liz did a guest post for Lou about the Closet range by Dorothy Perkins and I feel in love with (of course) a yellow dress. Sigh. Luckily, I already own shoes and a hat similar, so now I just need to get the rest to be all set. Right?

  Autumn Lunch

Autumn Lunch by sarahmia featuring clutch handbags

Dorothy Perkins yellow cocktail dress
50 – dorothyperkins.com

Grey cardigan
$36 – topshop.com

Joe brown
£20 – debenhams.com

Forever21 opaque tight
$5.80 – forever21.com

Mar Y Sol clutch handbag
£75 – fashion-conscience.com

Anna Bee gold necklace
$125 – pinkmascara.com

Eugenia Kim fedora hat
£120 – black.co.uk

30 Day BC – Day 29 : Your Favourite Series Of Books

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Asides from the groups that I’ve mentioned already? I really enjoyed things like Sweet Valley High and The Babysitters Club when I was younger. Francine Pascal wrote some amazing books, although she seems to have gone off the boil with the latest SV update which is a bit of a shame.

Jasper Fforde and Janet Evanovich both write incredible funny books that you could read as standalone but also work well in their respective series’. Patrick Ness and Phillip Pullman have both written great trilogies for young adults as well – definitely worth a read if you’ve not already discovered them.

I tend to consume authors in one go if I find a new one I like, but there aren’t many series’ that I enjoy that are still going, unfortunately, so I guess I’ll have to just read the ones I love again. Such a hardship ;)


30 Day BC – Day 28 : Your Favourite Autobiographical Book

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Did you forget I was doing this? Because I totally did.

I don’t tend to read non-fiction books but an ex boyfriend was quite into biographies so I did read a couple out of sheer desperation. I think my favourite was probably Rolf Harris, weirdly. One other one that I enjoyed was the story of Starbucks, but I’m not sure if that really counts as autobiographical or not?



I think it’s safe to say that I’m more into fiction than non fiction – if you’ve got any books you think will change my mind feel free to suggest them!


Polyvore Love: Yellow Edition

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I’ve been messing around on Polyvore a bit. I forgot I even had an account until Heather started posting her outfit posts and it jogged my memory. I love yellow (obviously) so I thought I’d create a fantasy outfit for a smart casual night out. How cute are those shoes?!

Yellow Night Out

Miss Selfridge army t shirt
£28 – missselfridge.com

Vila short shorts
£20 – mylabel.co.uk

Falke tight
$69 – net-a-porter.com

High heels
£68 – schuh.co.uk

H M leather shoulder bag
£9.99 – hm.com

Miss Selfridge hair bow accessory
£8.50 – missselfridge.com

Gold Baby Cat Ring
£6.50 – missselfridge.com

Awe Struck

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Whenever I meet people who have talents that I do not, I tend to sit, open mouthed at just how incredible whatever it is that they can do, is. Dancers especially, since I cannot follow a routine for toffee and illustrators because my drawing skills have never progressed past scribbles and doodles in the margins.


We went to London this weekend to help celebrate a friend’s birthday. We went out to a comedy show, we came home and listened to the inconsiderate bastards upstairs party until 4am (thanks, you bunch of peons), we went out for a beautiful brunch. The good far outweighed the bad, especially since I got to meet Leni. Owen had tweeted me previously saying that I should check out her blog, and I did and my god was I in awe. So it was nice to meet her in person so I could tell her to her face how amazing I think her skills are :) She’s also a really nice person, which is a great bonus, heh.

She’s new to social media (her twitter account is here) so go and give her blog some love. It’s a beautiful mix of food, London life and general whimsy, and who doesn’t need that every now and again?


all images © Leni Kauffman

A Pictorial Update

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Things have been a bit quiet over here on Falling Forward. Partly due to the fact that I can no longer access my blog at work (they force us to use IE6 and it’s slowly killing me, I swear) and partly because things have been a little hectic of late. I do miss this tho, so here’s a little update of what we’ve been up to lately.

My girlcrush, Liz, is a Barry local so she took us to Barry Island for an ice cream and a wander around the pleasure park. It was awesome.


Here she is. Isn’t she cute?


We also went to a Singstar party, organised by the brilliant Amy (who managed to not be in any of the pictures because she took them all, sneaky.) I curled my hair, for a change.


(I won the tournament, and thus the bottle of expensive champagne. Parttaaay)


Q and I went to Sutton for a friends birthday.

drunk teeth

& I made drunk teeth in photos without actually being drunk. Oh dear.

So sorry I’ve been away a bit. It’s been such an awesome summer tho, and I haven’t even touched on Cardiff Blogs, Cocktail Club or being on the radio yet. That update will have to wait since as usual I’m late for work and I haven’t even started getting dressed yet. Oops.

Ps. You’re all having a great time too, right? Aces.