Dear bookclub, Thank you for encouraging me to read books I would never ordinarily pick up, and for giving me a platform to air my opinion when they are bad. Not every book can be great, but you can usually have a great discussion anyway, right? 😉 Love Sarah See the full list here.

Who: Daniel! Where: Why: Daniel is a badass. His writing is the right blend of funny but also informative and no matter what he’s talking about (pantries! sinks! baths people died in!) he’s never dull. He doesn’t shy away from the realities of making over a new house, or how difficult and heartbreaking it can be at times, and yet his posts are still chock full of humour and valuable information – it’s impressive and it makes me want to move to America so we can be…Continue Reading “Pay it Forward: Manhattan Nest”

I’ve had this goal on my list for a few years now. I’ve been writing Grace in Small Things posts since October 2009 (gosh!) and I honestly think it’s been so good for me to practice gratitude on a regular basis. I hit 500 a while ago, but as I looked through the list I realised I had a fair few duplicates (the perils of writing them weekly I suppose) so I cleaned out the dupes and waited to hit 500 originals before ticking it off. At a quick…Continue Reading “Life List: Find Grace in 500 Small Things”

Dear #ChongCat, Thank you for coming back from being missing, unscathed and happy to see us. Next time you annoy me by waking me up at 5am I’ll remember how worried I was when you were gone. Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here.

I thought I’d do a monthly round-up of how my resolutions are going, as a way to encourage me to stay on track and plan goals, rather than leaving everything to the last minute! Here’s my March round-up.  Progress Made – March 200 sugar free days: 20 (54/200) I made a good dent in this one this month and I’m on target for the rest of the year. We’ve got rid of the majority of the sugary crap in our house now, so it’s far easier not…Continue Reading “2015 Goals: March Round-Up”

Last week I wrote a post on my favourite places to eat in Cardiff. I’ve split it into two posts, the Independents and the Chains, altho I have fairly loose rules for what constitutes a chain! This week it’s the turn of the chains – there are plenty in Cardiff to choose from, but some are definitely better than others. The Chains* *I say chain, I mean “has at least one other location outside of Cardiff, usually more. Wahaca  St David’s Dewi Sant Cardiff, 7…Continue Reading “The Best Places to Eat in Cardiff – The Chains”

Dear meditation, Thank you for being one of the activities that makes my heart feel light. I don’t make time for you very often, but when I do it’s always worth it. Here’s to making more time for you. Love, Sarah See other Friday Thanks here.

Who: Maggie! Where: Why: I love the way Maggie turns a phrase. She’s insightful, fun to read and inspirational in thousands of tiny ways. I mean, obviously I adore her for introducing me to the idea of the Life List, but mostly I like Maggie Mason because she’s really the kind of woman I aspire to be. Kind, strong, wonderful. My favourite posts: Life List How To: One Way to Start I realized how many things I genuinely love that I rarely do. For example, I thought…Continue Reading “Pay it Forward: Mighty Girl”