Falling Forward

Grace in Small Things

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  • Clean fingernails
  • Unexpected post
  • Days off
  • Making a friend laugh
  • Rediscovering old favourite TV shows

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Friday Thanks

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Dear crosswords,

Thanks for making me appreciate words, and for giving me something where I can see myself improving. You’re tricksy and I am terrible at you (still) but that just makes it more rewarding when I finally complete you, so thanks for continuing to be a challenge.



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2014 Resolutions: Colour 365

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One of my 2014 resolutions was to complete a colour 365, so I thought I’d do a quick update on how it’s going.

Today is day 98 and (so far) I haven’t missed a day – huzzah! I’m definitely enjoying the project – it’s encouraging me to use my camera(s) more and is having the added bonus of making me hunt out more colours in the real world, which is kind of fun.

So, how am I getting on? First up was pale blue, in January:

This wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be – being able to take photos of the sky was always helpful and it turned out that we had a lot more pale blue items in the house than I thought we did. The biggest challenge was avoiding pale blue items that were a bit too close to turquoise, since that was February’s colour.

I knew going in that we had a lot (a lot) of turquoise stuff in our house, so it was surprising how much this month felt like a struggle. Still, I managed to get it done and while they’re not all amazing photos, I don’t think any of them are supremely terrible. Unlike dark blue…

Oh, dark blue. Some of these photos are not awesome, which is a shame – more than once it got to 11pm before I remembered about taking my photo and we all know that artificial light is not often the best situation for photography. Oh well, onwards and upwards!

We’re out of the blues now and into dark green for April. Next month is regular green and then (yay!) it’ll be June which means yellow. In case you haven’t worked it out, I’m kind of a fan of yellow, plus June is my birthday month so I think that’ll make it extra fun.

It’s never too late to join in (365s are cyclical, you don’t have to start on the 1st of January to be able to complete a whole year). There’s a Flickr group for it, too, if you want to see everyone else’s progress :)

Monthly Goals: March & April

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5 Goals for March [4/5]

  1. Zero Facebook comments, likes or posts
  2. Leave 100 blog comments [100/100]
  3. Post 5 recipes on Yum Chong! [5/5]
    1. Artichoke tapenade
    2. Smoked mackerel pate
    3. Pickled cucumbers
    4. Feta & lemon dip
    5. Feta, white bean, pea & mint salad with honey & basil dressing
  4. Make my own cheese
  5. Do at least one stage on Duolingo, 6 days out of 7  [26/27]

I did pretty well on my 5 goals for March. I missed one day of Duolingo (curses!) but otherwise passed with flying colours :) It felt so good to avoid Facebook that I actually deactivated my account yesterday. Be gone, Zuckerberg! (Of course, I’m still using Instagram but that doesn’t feel as creepy, somehow? We’ll see how it changes.)

Onto April! My 31st birthday is drawing ever nearer, so I’ve added in a couple of goals from my 30 for 30 like Arthur’s blanket and the lovely notes, otherwise I know I’m going to run out of time to complete them. I actually managed to have a picnic in a new park on April 1st, which felt very efficient, heh.

5 Goals for April [1/5]

  1. Have a picnic in a new Cardiff park
  2. Leave 10 lovely notes [0/10]
  3. Crochet 3 stripes on Arthur’s blanket [1/3]
  4. Plant some seeds for the garden
  5. Finish the “Build a Simple PHP Application” stage on Treehouse.

I’m enjoying these goals – I just need to get in the habit now of carrying on previous good efforts (I haven’t written any letters since I hit my 30, or done any meditation. Oops.) Still – it all helps, right?

Grace in Small Things

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  • Orange squash
  • Phone chargers
  • Capital letters
  • Cute babies
  • Silly cat noises

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