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101 in 1001 – The End.

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It’s over. It’s done. 1001 days after I started it, my challenge to complete 101 things is finally over. Did I complete it? Hahahaha. No. No I did not. I got pretty close tho, which is nice. This is the second time I’ve done this but I won’t be signing up for a third – I’ve got enough lists and things going on my in life not to really need it.

Completed goals in September: 3

8. Delete all mp3s I don’t like
FINALLY. All of the mp3s in my iTunes library are rated 3* and above, everything else is gone.

45. Post at least once a week to www.exquisitefunction.com for a year.*
*amended to: reach 250 posts on Falling Forward.
I hit 252. Such an overachiever ;)

82. Nothing from McDonalds for the full 1001 days
I’m amazed that I actually managed to complete this, but I did. I had a McDonalds on the drive home from my sister’s wedding and I’m not going to lie, the fries were awesome. I’ve wanted one every day since then tho, which isn’t the best outcome, ha.

Completed goals overall: 84
Unfinished goals: 17

I don’t think that’s too bad, do you?


101 in 1001: Update

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This is it, kids. The last few days of my 101 in 1001 challenge. So, what have I got left to do? Will I manage to tick any more off before the 29th of September rolls around? I’ve managed to do a couple more, thankfully, but I know they’ll be some left by the end of it. Luckily for me, I can just shove the ones I want to keep on my Life List – it’s my life, my list and my damn rules. (Phew.)

Completed Goals:

24. Send a postcard to www.postsecret.com
I didn’t actually create a physical postcard and send it in, but I did make one on the postsecret app and  upload it, so I’m going to tick this one off. No, I’m not going to tell you what it was but I will say it wasn’t directly related to me. Ooh, mystery!

78. Use all of something before buying anything new
I am much, much better at this than I was so I’m going to mark it off as done. I gave away a lot of things that actually didn’t suit me to the Give and Make Up charity recently, and I’ve been trying to use up things that I’ve have lingering for a while. Of course, now I’m unemployed I actually can’t buy anything new, heh, which will presumably help in the long run.

This project has been fun, but hard work. I think I’m going to enjoy my Life List a lot more since it doesn’t really have a deadline and is more about joy. Yay for joy!


101 in 1001: June Update

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Completed in June: 4

55. Read all Augusten Burrows books
I finally completed this one by reading Sellevision on the plane out to Portugal. I must admit, I really like Augusten’s style but his books do tend to get a bit samey – they’re all (with the except of Sellevision which is fiction) autobiographies of different points of his life. Very dry, very funny but when you read two or three in a short space of time they tend to merge into one a bit.

80. Paint my toenails more often
I’m going to mark this one as done. They aren’t always pristine but I do remember to paint them every month or so which is a vast increase on what I was doing before. It’s nice to have pretty feet!

43. cycle 5km at the gym once a week for three months. [8/12]
Confession: I didn’t complete this one, exactly. But I did 8 weeks in a row and then I did the 30 Day Shred so I’m going to let myself off because I was exercising, just not on the bike. It’s my list and I’m not doing three more months of this, thanks.

44. Try a new dish once a week for three months [8/12]
The same goes with this one. We tried 8 new things and then got waylaid by parties and holidays. But I think 8 new meals isn’t a bad acheivement. I actually did this once before when I was in Cornwall and got 5 weeks done, so technically I completed it with a rather large gap inbetween…*

This actually means I’ve ticked off all of my ‘Short Term Achievements‘ now which is pretty funny considering I started this list two years ago, ha.

I really don’t know how many more of these I’m going to be able to complete. Five or six maybe but there are definitely some that I won’t. I don’t think I’ve done too badly considering I wrote this list when I was at a completely different point in my life – I’ve managed to get the bulk of it done. Does that mean I qualify for some kind of prize? W

*Yeah, I wouldn’t buy that either but I’m going to stick to it!

101/1001 May 2011 Update

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Completed Goals: 2
40. Spend £15 a week for a month (excluding petrol)
I pretty much managed this. To be fair, I excluded food shopping from the list but included lunch food if I bought it out and about. I also didn’t include the £52 I spent on bras but really, bras are essential items when you only own two that fit you properly, right?

95. Lose enough weight to fit into my FCUK dress
I can finally fit into this dress after FIVE YEARS of staring at it hanging in the wardrobe. This is my favourite dress.  (I love it more than I love my wedding dress but shh, don’t tell it). A combination of hitting the gym, swimming, 9 weeks of Weight Watchers and 20 days of The 30 Day Shred have enabled me to finally get back into this. Don’t get me wrong,  I couldn’t eat a meal in it without dying, but at least I can do the zip up. That’s a start, right?


The rest of the goals I worked on this month were ongoing, with a couple that will hopefully come to an end in June. Huzzah! I’m looking forward to the end of this project,  it’ll be nice to be able to relax for  bit and not have so many time based deadlines looming.


101 in 1001: Try A New Meal Every Week For Three Months [1/3]

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I got stuck in a rut of cooking the same few meals over and over again so I decided to try and broaden my range by cooking something new every week. Some were good, some were bad but all were new to me and I’ve learnt some interesting things along the way :)


Week One
Meal: Mongolian Crispy Lamb
Difficulty: Medium
Notes: Slightly fiddly, but ultimately worth it. Breast of lamb is a cheap cut and is very fatty, so make sure you try and strain off a lot of the fat when reducing the sauce. We couldn’t get the sauce to reduce to a sticky consistancy, no idea why. Maybe adding some sugar next time would help? I forgot to take a picture of this, oops! The flat smelt so good when this was boiling that I actually had to leave and sit outside for a while.
Rating: 4/5

Week Two
Meal: Pad Thai
Difficulty: Easy
Notes: Next time we won’t use cayenne pepper. My portion was phenomenally spicy due to a ladling error (er, I poured too much sauce on) but Q said his was nice enough. I think fresh chilli would probably be less intense. The prawns were lovely tho. I also forgot to take a photo of this one. My mouth was burning too much for me to focus.
Rating: 3/5

Week Three 

Meal: Huevos Rancheros
Difficulty: Super Easy
Notes: We cooked the eggs for a little too long and the yolks had gone hard. (That bright white bit in the photo is the egg in case you can’t tell, heh). I didn’t mind it but I think Q would have preferred them soft. This would probably be nice with some chorizo and fried potatoes. Nom. This was also an incredibly cheap meal, which is great when it’s pre-pay day and the cupboard is almost empty!
Rating: 4/5

Week Four

Meal: Laksa Lemak
Difficulty: Easy
Notes: This turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never made a malaysian curry before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but this one came out silky and smooth and full of flavour. You basically make a spice paste of ginger, garlic, lemongrass and chilli then bung in some coconut milk and tumeric, boil away for a while then throw in some rice noodles and a generous squeeze of lime. It felt healthy and lasted for days which is always an unexpected bonus. I would definitely recommend this one.
Rating: 5/5