Issue 8. Crikey. When I first had the idea for Télégramme way back when in 2010 I thought it would be easy, in all honesty. Find some photos I liked, put them in a layout: Boom. Magazine. In reality – Télégramme is hard work. The weirder Flickr gets the harder it becomes, too, as 90% of my photos are still sourced from there. But it’s done and I’m still proud of it 🙂 If you like photography I suggest you give it a read (it…Continue Reading “Télégramme Magazine – Issue 8”

It’s that time of year again, and another issue of Télégramme has hit the virtual shelves. Not sure what Télégramme is? It’s a photography showcase magazine that I publish online every six months or so, as a way to stretch my creative wings and to shine a little more light on some beautiful photographs. You can find all the posts I’ve written on the subject here, if you’re so inclined. The first issue came out in 2010, which feels like a long time ago now. Sheesh….Continue Reading “Télégramme Magazine – Issue 7”

We’ve come a long way, Télégramme and I. From issue one, with it’s scrappy layout and terrible fonts to issue six, with it’s sunny yellow theme and (I think) clean, elegant design. Issue six featured five fantastic photographers:  Joe St Pierre, Fabrizio Mingarelli, Tuane Eggers, Irina Munteanu and Roslyn Julia 🙂 It also featured themes: Golden Hour, Open Space and The Sea. If issue four was the concrete issue (all stark lines and empty buildings) and issue five was focused on people then issue six is without a doubt a celebration…Continue Reading “Télégramme Magazine – Issue 6”

Has it really been six months already? Issue 4 was published just before the wedding (yes, I know, I’m mad) so I guess it must be time for Issue 5 now, crikey. Featuring fantastic photos and illustrations from Agustina Lapenda, Leni Kauffman, Cassoday Harder, Emily Coghlan and Sarah Anne Wharton Kuhn this one really is a great one so I hope you’ll take a look. This next bit might be deemed a little cheeky but my blog my rules: Télégramme will always be a free venture….Continue Reading “Télégramme Magazine – Issue 5”

Issue three of Télégramme came out in March (which feels so long ago now) which means that Issue four is scheduled to come out soon. I switched to a six monthly publishing schedule to give myself room to breathe but still seem to have left everything to the last month of the six, as per usual, heh. I don’t even remember if I posted about issue three when it came out, but I’m going to link to it here now because even if I did it doesn’t…Continue Reading “Télégramme Magazine – Update”

I made a magazine, once. Actually, I made a magazine twice. Then I burnt myself out trying to do it all too quickly, took a year off and didn’t think I’d ever do it again. Issue 1 – Télégramme Magazine Issue 2 – Télégramme Magazine I’m in the midst of working on issue 3. It’s mostly together, there are a few bits and loose ends to tie up but it’s getting there. Probably most of the readers of this blog have come in the last…Continue Reading “Things I Did That You Might Not Know About”

Remember that time when I decided it would be good to make a magazine, and then it took me 7 months to put together? But then when we launched it 8000 people read it and we all lost our minds through happiness? Yeah, we decided to do it again. I’ve been in Cardiff this weekend for my birthday (which was yesterday and was fantastic, thank you). If you feel like giving me a belated birthday gift then please read this, and visit the people in…Continue Reading “Télégramme Magazine – Issue Two”

(see previous lists here) empty streets, in the early morning sun new crisp flavours hot chocolate with marshmallows & cream thinking it’s Sunday, when it’s Saturday creating something beautiful I know I said I was going to try to do a grace in small things once a week, and it hasn’t really worked out like that. But I do find it’s nice to come back and jot one down, it makes me more appreciative. So I guess the list is doing it’s job, whether I’d adhere…Continue Reading “Grace In Small Things”

So, kidlets. I’ve been meaning to come here for weeks and blog about this (in fact, it’s been on my paper to-do list* so long it’s now written in red and highlighted, eek) but time slips by and things get in the way and before you know it the January launch date has been pushed back to March. However, I wanted to let you know, dear reader (yes, that’s right, singular) that a few friends and I have created a beautiful magazine, and that we want…Continue Reading “Introducing: Télégramme”