We have a lot of fantastic memories from our wedding day. We’ve amassed a small collection of mementos to help remind of us the day, and I thought some of you might like to see them 🙂 We bought the plate at the museum gift shop, because we wanted a reminder from the venue (we got married in a maritime museum) and they didn’t sell snow globes which is what we usually collect. The badges were in place of buttonholes – Q wore the S and…Continue Reading “Mementos From The Wedding”

This is probably the slowest wedding recap in history (we’ve been married for almost 5 months, oy!) but here we go, onto the 3rd wedding post – the ceremony and the reception! 🙂 These are mostly for me to be honest to be able to remember the day and what we did, so feel free to skip over if you’re not that into weddings, I won’t be offended, promise. (As always, all the photos in these posts are thanks to our amazing photographer, Maria Farrelly. Thanks Maria!) Ring…Continue Reading “Our Wedding – Ceremony & Reception”

I said I’d try and get the second wedding post up before Christmas, so I’m just sneaking in under the wire with this one, ha. But! It is Pre-Christmas and the second post is here, whoop! This one is all about what we wore. As always, all the photos in these posts are thanks to our amazing photographer, Maria Farrelly. Thanks Maria! The Dress: I bought it from a shop in Cardiff that has sadly closed now. It’s by a designer called Toki and Nabi and it was…Continue Reading “Our Wedding – Pre-Ceremony”

What’s that, I’m actually posting our wedding write up before Christmas?! Shocking. High five, anyone? No? Oh. Moving swiftly on…I’m going to split this into a couple of posts so that your eyes don’t fall out – it’s big! Yes, I am nice like that. You are welcome. First things first, all the photos in these posts are thanks to our photographer, Maria Farrelly. Second things second, the details! The total cost: Some people might consider this vulgar (to those people I politely say “suck it”)…Continue Reading “Our Wedding – The Run Down”

Gosh it’s been a while since I wrote an actual post, hasn’t it? Lists are all very well and good but it feels like I haven’t said anything real for months. Oops! Am I allowed to blame it on the wedding planning that I barely mentioned here but which took up a sizeable amount of my time? Or my new job which I also didn’t mention but which is fun but also demanding at times? No? Oh well. You live and you learn 😉 First…Continue Reading “Hi.”

*& why we’re not really paying attention to most of them. Weddings are a tricky time. Everyone seems to have an opinion on most of the things you’re doing, and all the opinions are different (and quite often different to yours, too). There are a million traditions and so many people will tell you that you have to do this and you absolutely cannot skip this. Well. *ahem*. I say bullshit. Do what you want to do. It’s your wedding, non? If you don’t want…Continue Reading “Wedding Traditions*”

I should have spent the afternoon at work but instead Sky decided to royally screw us over time and time again and I’ve had to stay in to wait for yet another engineer to come out and “fix” our internet. (This is probably the fourth visit in a month, along with countless phone calls from Q to the apparent idiots on the other end. He is a much more patient person than I am, I would have drawn blood by now I think). So. Instead…Continue Reading “Stress”

Last Friday night Q and I went out to the Montpelier Basement supper club.  He wrote a fantastic write up of it here, I suggest you go and read it. I’d read some great reviews on some of the food blogs in my reader and when the opportunity to attend their ‘anti-valentines’ night arose I jumped at it like a shot. Unbeknownst to me, Q had actually picked up an engagement ring the night before, and had it in his pocket for the entirety of the delicious…Continue Reading “Changes”