Dear Jacqueline,  Thanks for writing a year’s worth of Grace in Small Things, back when you were still blogging. You’re the reason I write mine, and I still love that you chose “the way writing the word ‘deleted’ feels like a rollercoaster” as one of yours. Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here (or here) or visit the original inspiration for the project here.

Dear Cherry Coke, Thanks for being just sickly enough that I can’t drink you every day without regretting it. It’s good to have boundaries and you help to enforce the knowledge that a little every now and again is better than too much. Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here (or here) or visit the original inspiration for the project here.

It was one of my resolutions this year to face my fears. So it was with that in mind that I ended up signing up for a flying trapeze class with Q and eight of our friends. At the time it seemed far enough away for me to get a handle on it, but I don’t feel all that prepared and it’s tmrw. … To be honest, I’m pretty much terrified. Scared that I won’t be able to do it, that I’ll look stupid, that…Continue Reading “On Fear, Bravery & Potential Stupidity”

Dear Cardiff, Thanks for being so easy to fall in love with. You have quiet spaces and an awesome library and you feel like home to this redhead – no mean feat to someone who grew up 200 miles south west of you. Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here (or here) or visit the original inspiration for the project here.

This is the second post in my ‘5 Lovely Things From…‘ series. Today it’s the turn of Amy Walters 🙂 Amy Walters sells prints, cushions, cards and badges in her Etsy shop. I have a few of her prints gracing my walls and the quality is superb. I’ve picked five of my favourite items from her current stock – do be sure to check her regularly tho as she adds new things quite often 🙂 PS. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like…Continue Reading “5 Lovely Things From Amy Walters”

You all probably know this already, but I’m an iPhone girl, and have been since I got a 3G in…2008? 2009? I can’t remember exactly, those years are lost in a haze of bad choices that I try not to recall, ha. I had an iPhone 4 after that, which was aces to begin with then quickly lost favour when the power button broke a month after my warranty expired. I laboured along using accessibility settings to lock my phone for ten months and it…Continue Reading “Making Life A Little Easier”