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Friday Thanks

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Dear Cardiff,

Thanks for being so easy to fall in love with. You have quiet spaces and an awesome library and you feel like home to this redhead – no mean feat to someone who grew up 200 miles south west of you.



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5 Lovely Things From Amy Walters

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This is the second post in my ‘5 Lovely Things From…‘ series. Today it’s the turn of Amy Walters :)

Amy Walters Etsy Shop

Amy Walters sells prints, cushions, cards and badges in her Etsy shop. I have a few of her prints gracing my walls and the quality is superb. I’ve picked five of my favourite items from her current stock – do be sure to check her regularly tho as she adds new things quite often :)

A3 Scandi Houses Print in Primary Colours – Amy Walters – £20.42

Colourful Retro Vintage Camera Greeting Card – Amy Walters – £2.04

A4 Fox & Cub Print – Amy Walters – £13.61

A4 Colourful Snowdomes Print – Amy Walters – 13.61

A4 Limonata Print – Amy Walters – £13.61

PS. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like the store :)

Making Life A Little Easier

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You all probably know this already, but I’m an iPhone girl, and have been since I got a 3G in…2008? 2009? I can’t remember exactly, those years are lost in a haze of bad choices that I try not to recall, ha.

I had an iPhone 4 after that, which was aces to begin with then quickly lost favour when the power button broke a month after my warranty expired. I laboured along using accessibility settings to lock my phone for ten months and it was. not. pretty my friends. No sir.

I recently upgraded to the 5 when my contract ran out (damn you, 24 month contracts! You make us wait so long!). The speed change has been remarkable, but other than that (oh, and Siri, I guess) it’s pretty much the same. Except of course that it’s so shiny, and new!  And the lock button works! It really is like a magical wonderland. Or something.

Anyway! Now I have a nice new fast phone I thought I’d keep all the crap off it and only retain the apps I really love and use. Since I was doing that anyway, I thought I’d make a little list here of some of the gems that might not be that well known, but that may be useful for some of you :) (especially if you’re organising geeks like me. Holla!)

First up: Little Memory.
Little Memory - Journalling App for iPhone & AndroidI first heard about this app from Meg (I think) just under a year ago. The premise is simple: You write a few sentences to help you remember your day, add a photo if you want to and then save.

Once you’ve built up a stock of memories the app will show you what you wrote yesterday, last week, last month, six months ago and more. You don’t get to see all your memories at once but I think that’s part of the charm – they’re a nice surprise every day :) It was so nice to see the wedding memories when they rolled around! It’s £1.49 but I do think it’s worth it. It also shows you charts of your words (and supposedly emotions) but I rarely even look at that screen, to be honest. You might tho!

Next we have CARROT.

CARROT - To-do List App for iPhoneA semi-sadistic to-do list, CARROT is funny, engaging and has made me way more productive than any of the other (many, many) to-do list apps I’ve tried. CARROT basically has a persona (a little like HAL 9000), and she doesn’t like it when you don’t check things off your list. You build up points by checking things off which then enable you to level up and earn new features like Siri integration and reminders. It’s got a really clean, slick UI as well which doesn’t hurt. Again, it’s not a free app but it’s only 69p which isn’t likely to break the bank.

I’ve tried a few, but Plain Text is now my text editor of choice.

PlainText - Dropbox enabled text editor for iPhone

I use it instead of the default notes app that comes with the iPhone, which I dislike even tho it’s yellow (shock horror). Plain Text suits me better as it syncs with Dropbox, meaning that I have access to my notes no matter what device I’m on. I guess something similar could probably be achieved now that iCloud is all the rage, but I’m used to Plain Text and Dropbox and I think it works well. Plus it’s free! Yay!

& Finally: Mailbox.

Mailbox - Mail app for iPhone & Gmail

I hadn’t heard of this mail app until a few weeks ago, but I’m sick of using the default mail app (newsflash: it’s terrible) and Mailbox is free so I figured that I wouldn’t have much to lose by signing up. It’s being rolled out slowly to new users so it took about three weeks for me to get my account (which was a frustrating wait as there wasn’t a lot of info on the wait screen) but it’s definitely been worth it for me.

It only syncs with gmail email addresses at the moment, but if you have one of those it’s worth taking a look at. It’s very easy to use, encourages you to actually deal with your email and looks pretty (always a plus with me, apparently). I’ve achieved inbox zero every day since I downloaded it, which is something that’s never, ever happened before. It appeals to my organising nature. A lot.

The other apps that I use daily are WordPress, the Natwest banking app which is awesome if you bank with them (obviously less useful if you don’t, ha), Tweetbot and Reeder, which is my feedreader of choice (especially now that Google Reader is saying goodbye, as they’ve already said they’ll get a fix out before July, hurrah).

Is there anything I’m particularly missing? I’m very flighty with games – I tend to obsess for about a fortnight and then never play with them again. Give me a way to organise my life better tho and it’ll likely stay on my phone for keeps. SC 4 organising 4LYF! x

I wasn’t paid to write this, in case you were wondering. Not enough people read my blog to make it with anyone’s while to pay me ;)

Grace in Small Things

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  • Blog comments from my mum
  • New albums from old favourites
  • Meeting a friend’s baby for the first time
  • Getting better at crosswords
  • Booking a holiday

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Friday Thanks

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Dear Origami,

Thanks for being something I have to concentrate on – I’m often guilty of ‘multi-tasking’ and missing things, oops. It feels like good practice to sit down and give my focus to something completely. Plus you’re pretty, always a bonus.



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March Book Update

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01. NEW Janet Evanovich – Foul Play
02. NEW Simon Rich – Elliot Allagash
03. NEW Janet Evanovich – Notorious Nineteen
04. RR Janet Evanovich – Visions of Sugar Plums
05. NEW Janet Evanovich – Plum Lovin’
06. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Winter Term at Malory Towers
07. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Secrets at Malory Towers
08. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Goodbye Malory Towers
09. NEW Marika Cobbold – Frozen Music
10. NEW Enid Blyton / Pamela Cox – Second Form at Malory Towers

This month I mostly relived my childhood by catching up on the new Malory Towers and St Clare’s stories that Pamela Cox wrote after Enid Blyton’s death. I also finally finished Frozen Music and was thoroughly underwhelmed, unfortunately. Elliot Allagash was better than I expected and Notorious Nineteen wasn’t the best Stephanie Plum novel but certainly wasn’t the worst. I’ve got some long term ‘to be read’ books to try and get through in April as well as Alone in Berlin for book group so next month’s list should be decidedly more adult! :)

I’m still working my way through my read 1000 new books for my Life List, I started tracking those in 2011 and I’m up to 174.

Télégramme Magazine – Issue 5

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Telegramme Magazine Issue 5 Out Now!

Has it really been six months already? Issue 4 was published just before the wedding (yes, I know, I’m mad) so I guess it must be time for Issue 5 now, crikey. Featuring fantastic photos and illustrations from Agustina Lapenda, Leni Kauffman, Cassoday Harder, Emily Coghlan and Sarah Anne Wharton Kuhn this one really is a great one so I hope you’ll take a look.

This next bit might be deemed a little cheeky but my blog my rules:

Télégramme will always be a free venture. I don’t accept advertising so I make zero money and couldn’t care less, it’s all about showcasing these fantastic artists. Which is fine, money isn’t an issue and it costs very little to create. However, since I don’t accept advertising I rely on word of mouth to let people know about each new issue, which isn’t always the easiest thing to procure.

So, what I’m asking is that if you like this issue that you please considering sharing it. Tweet it (@telegrammemag), post it on Facebook (FB page here), write a blog post about it – whatever you feel like doing is a-okay by me. Many thanks in advance from this grateful redhead.

(sometimes the issuu embed doesn’t show up – if you don’t seen anything above them please refresh!)

Friday Thanks

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Dear Ice Skating,

Thanks for being a sport that I’m actually okay at. Also thanks for being one of the only things I’m better at than Q – it’s nice to be graceful for a change ;) I loved you so much I bought my own skates and they never fail to make me smile – you’re the sport that keeps on giving! Don’t ever change.



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Grace in Small Things

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  • The sound of rain falling on an umbrella
  • Big, warm, snuggly jumpers
  • Tape dispensers
  • Sending surprise post
  • Clearing out clutter

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Friday Thanks

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Dear Frozen Raspberries

Thanks for being delicious to eat straight from the freezer. Also, you’re cheaper than your fresh counterparts and are just as tasty in a smoothie. I appreciate the dedication.


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