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Friday Thanks

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Dear Sky,

Thanks for reshowing Mad Men from the start of series one. I’ve seen them all before but it’s nice to have something lovely to look forward to again every week. Now if you could just fix it for me to have Joan Holloway’s wardrobe, I’ll be set.

Love Sarah

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New Life List Item: Get Books Signed By My Favourite Authors

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Added: Get Books Signed By My Favourite Authors

One of the benefits of living in a capital city is that people like to come here. Tourists, bands, authors, artists – there is always something going on in Cardiff.

Today I wandered up to Waterstones, picked up a copy of The Woman Who Died A Lot and stood in the queue to get it signed by the author, Jasper Fforde. He’s one of my favourite authors so it was a real pleasure to meet him and I even got the guy behind me in the queue to take a photo of us together. (Me and Jasper, not me and the guy in the queue. That would just be odd.) He was very friendly and very, very British. Which was nice.

It was great to be able to tell him in person how much I enjoy his books and how much they make me laugh. How often do you really get to communicate that to people?

So, with that in mind I’ve decided to add it to my Life List because I love books, I love people and I love telling people I love their books. I’ve actually already got a book signed by Dave Gorman (he was very friendly, too). Stephen King might be harder to get but I’m not exactly adverse to a holiday in the States so if he ever does a book reading there maybe I’ll go ;)

Life List Item: Tick - Jasper Fforde!

I don’t even care that I look ridiculous, crouching next to someone sitting down, ha.

Grace in Small Things

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  • Saturday morning traditions
  • Making wild plans for the future
  • Ampersands
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Making lists

Friday Thanks

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Dear Bridesmaids,

Thanks for planning such an amazing weekend away for my hen do. I’m so much more excited about the wedding now, I can’t wait for September to get here! I’m so glad we all met – you’re my favourite people to hang out with.

Love Sarah

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Today’s To Do List

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I’m determined to be productive today, so I’m writing a list of all the things I’d like to get done. First up:

I think that’ll do. If I get through all those then I’ll move onto:

My list is much more prioritised towards tidying my online life than my real life, but one thing at a time, right? Let’s do this! *grr face*

Grace in Small Things

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  • Having friends willing to try new things with you
  • Working through the fear
  • Shoes covered in glitter
  • Date jars
  • Yellow books, full of happiness

Friday Thanks

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Dear Books,

Thanks for still being something I love even tho most of what I read now is electronic rather than paper. You’re a far cheaper way to escape somewhere new than hopping on a plane.

Love Sarah

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Seeing Stars

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You know how sometimes you see things that would be perfect for the people you love? My bridesmaid-to-be Amy (of Wolf Whistle fame) has a completely different sense of style to me and our tastes are often polar opposites but we both agree that most things with a celestial theme are pretty awesome. I put together this little list of things that I found whilst browsing Etsy, just for her.

Ursa Major / Big dipper necklace 18k goldplated and sterling silver [£62] from Twinklebird

First up, how beautiful is this big dipper necklace? I wish I could afford it but £62 is a little out of my price range right now. Still, a girl can always dream.

Tiny Star Bracelet – Matt 14k Gold Plated Star Charm on Gold Delicate Chain [£.750] from minifabo

Tiny stars are my favourite.

Original Illustration – Fine Art Prints – E. E. Cummings [£15.72] from ObviousState

E E Cummings and a star map? Yes please.

Uncharted No.1 8×10 Reproduction Print – Universe Stars Starmap Constellations [£13.10] from LisaBarbero

When we move to a bigger house I’m going to buy all the prints that I keep pinning but have no space for right now.

Moon n Stars Peter Pan Collar . Fabric Necklace [£10.48] from VeryVague

I know Amy loves a collar – this one seemed perfect for her.

Bow hair tie, Celestial, Outer Space, Planets, Science Fiction [£7.86] from OhHoneyHush

& I also know she loves a giant bow! (& red hair – double win)

tea towel
Grey Constellation Tea Towel [sold] from erindollar

This tea towel is sold out but I’m hoping it’ll come back into stock. I like the idea of drying my dishes with something prettier than what we have at the moment.

This is the reason I love Etsy so much. I’ve been using it a lot as the wedding gets ever closer (less than 10 weeks to go!), for inspiration and for buying custom or handmade pieces that I know will be unique for us. Of course now my favourites are full of things I want to buy but at least that should make Christmas and birthdays fairly straightforward for the next few years, right?



Grace in Small Things

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  • Working with friends
  • Buying new prints for the walls
  • Soft, salty, perfectly ripe blue cheese
  • Making a cake and licking the spoon
  • Cinema buddies

Birthday Wishes

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It’s my 29th birthday on Wednesday (and also my two year anniversary with Q, horrah!). We’re having our engagement photo session with our wedding photographer (Maria Farrelly if you’re interested) in the afternoon and then heading out for a seafood feast at the Loch Fyne restaurants in the evening. (Can we say yum?)

I’ve never been mega crazy for presents, but I do have a Pinterest board called “Gifts for me, please” because it’s easier to point people to that when they ask me what I want.

Some of my choices are more frivolous than others, but if I receive any of these it’ll be a pretty great day:

Roller skates. I don’t know why I want them so much but this pair has yellow wheels and that is obviously AWESOME.

Source: amazon.co.uk

Snow globe rings (!). I just love these full stop. How amazing would it be to wear a different one every day?

Source: refinery29.com

Origami heart necklace. We’ve been making a lot of origami hearts for the wedding recently, so it’d be nice to have this reminder of them :)

Source: etsy.com

EE Cummings Journal. The only poem in the world that I actually like.

Source: etsy.com

Snow globe stamp. (I am a bit obsessed with snow globes right now)

Source: presentandcorrect.com

Yellow Swiss Army Knife?! Even if I never used this it would still be amazing.

Source: swissarmy.com

S is for Sushi (& Sarah) plate. Because I love sushi and I’m sort of starting to love decorative plates.

Source: etsy.com

Fortune Cookie necklace. Just because it’s super cute.

Source: etsy.com

Of course, if I don’t get any of these things it’s just a nice excuse to purchase them for myself, right?