When we last spoke about my hair it was two months after I shaved it off for charity and it was kinda fluffy, kinda cute. I carried on taking gratuitous photos of myself (hey, why change the habit of a lifetime right?) so here’s a quick update on the last six months of hair growth! 🙂 + 2 months Just long enough to make me permanently look like a damp baby duck. +3 months Brief faux hawk time! +4 months Bedhead reached critical levels of ridiculousness….Continue Reading “#BuzzCutChong – Eight Months On”

I’m doing a monthly round-up of how my resolutions are going, as a way to encourage me to stay on track and plan goals, rather than leaving everything to the last minute! Here’s my April round-up.  Progress Made – April 200 sugar free days: 22 (56/200) This is definitely getting easier! I’m down to about one day a week now where I eat refined sugar, so the next step is to cut out other items that have a high sugar content like fruit juice. No sugar is easier when you’re on…Continue Reading “2015 Goals: April Round-Up”

Pay it Forward is a blog series where I pay forward the love to one of my favourite blogs. So far, we’ve featured Maggie, Daniel, Dianne, Amber, Allie, & Amy! This week, it’s the turn of Jenny from Sunny Sweet Pea. Who: Jenny! Where: www.sunnysweetpea.com Why: Jenny is just nice. I can’t remember when or why I started reading her blog (the internet, a rabbit hole of links since the beginning of time) but she’s one of my favourites these days. Her posts are often insightful, inspirational and very genuine…Continue Reading “Pay it Forward: Sunny Sweetpea”

Readathon complete! : We did it! I didn’t quite finish Astonish Me (I have 130 pages to go) but I did finish The Witches so that brings my total reads up to 4.5 books, which isn’t too bad I think! Q finished The BFG and got partway into The Explorer – we’re both now ready to drop. Thanks for the fun, Readathonners! Special thanks to the Team Sherlock cheerleaders for their motivational comments – it really helped! 🙂 End of Event Meme: Which hour was…Continue Reading “Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon”

Dear Cineworld Unlimited Card, Thank you for making it so easy for us to indulge our love of film. It’s a fun challenge trying to make the most of our subscriptions, and the escape into a different world for an hour or two is always a welcome distraction. Love Sarah See the full list here.

Done! 🙂 This was a fun one to tick off, actually. I didn’t necessarily donate a lot to each one, but that wasn’t really the point of the exercise, more that I wanted to be mindful of opportunities to donate to charity and try and spread the love a bit further! I don’t know how to write this without sounding a bit preachy so let me preface with an excellent quote from the wonderful Amy Poehler: Which essentially means: I’m happy that worked for you, but…Continue Reading “31 for 31: Donate to 31 Charities”

Pay it Forward is a blog series where I pay forward the love to one of my favourite blogs. So far, we’ve featured Maggie, Daniel, Dianne, Amber and Allie! This week, it’s the turn of Amy from She Cooks, She Eats. Who: Amy!   Where: www.shecookssheeats.co.uk Why: Amy’s enthusiasm for cooking is infectious. I mean, if you like food, you will like her blog – it’s just a given. There’s a real lack of pretension with SCSE and I enjoy that. I don’t need to buy 17 different spices…Continue Reading “Pay it Forward: She Cooks, She Eats”