2014 was my first proper year of freelancing. Booking clients, invoicing people, submitting a tax return – all fun stuff. I thought it’d be a fun exercise to share a little bit about what I learnt in my first year as a freelancer, in case any of you are considering taking the plunge! First up, some background. How I ended up as a freelancer in the first place I actually fell into it by accident, to be honest. A combination of being unable to find a…Continue Reading “My First Year As A Freelancer”

Dear long car journeys, Thanks for the opportunity for some uninterrupted thinking time. Concentrating on one thing allows me to really get introspective – I work out something new every time I’m alone on the road. Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here.

One of my 31 for 31 goals was to make my own jam.This was actually the first goal I ticked off the list, waaaay back in July, ha. I just forgot to, um, blog about it for a while. Oops? I’ve always loved the idea of bottling and preserving my own foods, but wimped out every time the recipe got to the ‘now sterilise the jars’ bit. I’m not even sure why, really, it’s not like sterilising jars is at all difficult – I think…Continue Reading “31 for 31: Make My Own Jam”

I thought I’d do the final roundup of my colour 365 posts, since I did all the rest! 🙂 October was purple, which was a bit of a challenging month. For some reason we just don’t have a huge amount of purple in the house,  so some of my photos are….kind of crap. I think the lint roller is probably the worst one, ha! Silver was a fun month. I decided to apply the same filter to all of my photos, because I really like…Continue Reading “Colour 365: The Final Quarter”

I’ve been a member of Goodreads for about five years now, I think? At least. I love tracking my books over there – they give you all sorts of nerdy stats if you’re into that (which I totally am) but there’s also a really lovely community there. I get to see what all my friends are reading (mostly great stuff!) and sometimes something super fun pops up in my feed, like this. My friend Jess joined a group called “Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge” and…Continue Reading “Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge”

“i love you much (most beautiful darling) more than anyone on the earth and i like you better than everything in the sky —sunlight and singing welcome your coming although winter may be everywhere with such a silence and such a darkness noone can quite begin to guess (except my life) the true time of year— and if what calls itself a world should have the luck to hear such singing (or glimpse such sunlight as will leap higher than high through gayer than gayest…Continue Reading “Life List: Paint EE Cummings on a Wall in Our House”