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Life List: See Paris From the Eiffel Tower

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This time last year we were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary* in Paris. I cannot believe I let a whole year go by before writing this – where are my manners?

I’d had “see Paris from the Eiffel Tower” on my Life List since I first wrote it – and in my head in general for years and years before that – so it was super gratifying to finally be able to tick this one off. We had the absolute perfect weather for it, so thank you, Paris, for that. You’re the best.

(click for larger sizes)

Paris is pretty incredible to see from the tower, FWIW. I deliberately didn’t look at my watch as we waited because I didn’t want to know how long we’d queued – it wasn’t about the wait for me. We were there to climb the tower, and that was that.

If you’re in Paris but you’re not sure whether it’s too touristy a thing to do I urge you to do it anyway. It is touristy, but who cares? Just look at that view. 100% worth it.

*Side note, we’ve just celebrated our two year anniversary. Time is flying!

Grace in Small Things

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  • Laughing with my mum
  • Giant deckchairs
  • Chips by the seaside
  • Quiet moments of peace
  • Putting down my phone for a day or two

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Friday Thanks

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Dear Bluestone,

Thanks for having zero phone signal. It made it much easier to switch off for a couple of days, which I greatly appreciated. Your portion sizes are crazy, but your digital detox therapy is spot on.



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Monthly Goals: August & September

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5 Goals for August [3/5]

  1. Cook 5 new recipes [5/5]
  2. Read 5 library books [5/5]
  3. Watch 5 of my 31 for 31 films [5/5]
  4. Finish the top secret project for Arthur’s birthday
  5. Complete the first draft of Télégramme

Oh, August. I had such grand plans for you but it didn’t quite work out like that. Sometimes these goals are a lesson in patience and failure, I find. I didn’t finish Télégramme (altho I did, at least, start it), I didn’t finish Arthur’s present and I did spent a lot of the time wound up like a spring, feeling frantic and decidedly un-zen. Not cool.

5 Goals for September [0/5]

  1. Read a Man Booker Prize winner
  2. Send two surprise gifts [0/2]
  3. Go on a bike ride
  4. Finish my 100 cheese list [96/100]
  5. Relax!

So, September’s goals are a little easier (which is helpful since we’re already a third of the way through the month.) Read a book, ride my bike, eat some cheese. Sounds doable, right? Sometimes I forget to slow down so this month is all about remembering that life is not a race. I’m just gonna leave this here…

Life List / 31 for 31: Shave My Head For Charity

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WELL. Where do I even start with this one?! Yesterday was an absolute roller coaster of a day (much emotions,  so feelings). As most of you are probably well aware, for the last 18 months or so I’ve been planning to shave my head to raise money for charity and honour my friend, Lisa, who sadly died last year from cancer. I wrote about it all here, if you’re interested.

I decided to split the money I raised between three charities: The Royal Marsden Hospital, who treated Lisa, Trinity Hospice, who looked after her and Cancer Research UK because, well, obviously. I also decided to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust, so that someone else could benefit from it. It was 21 inches when it was cut and weighed 163 grams so hopefully they’ll be able to make a really nice wig!

Yesterday was Lisa’s birthday, so I decided that it’d be as good a present as any to shave my head on the same day. I actually am pretty happy with the results (people keep telling me I have a nice shaped head, who knew?) so that’s an added bonus!

I have a few thanks I’d like to give:

  • first of all, to Toni and Guy, Cardiff for kindly shaving my head for free and to Leaon especially for doing an absolutely fantastic job!
  • to Amy, for taking such wonderful photos of the event (all of the shots below were taken by her and are fabulous!)
  • and lastly to Q, for being so supportive and for doing a decent job when you buzzed off the last section! :D
  • (oh, and shout out to the woman next to me who looked so miserable the entire time: girl you made me laugh and laugh)

To everyone who has donated so far: thank you. You have no idea how much it means to me that so many people came together to support me – it really is a wonderful feeling and makes this whole endeavour completely and utterly worth it. You are all fantastic. Have a biscuit.

As of writing this post I’ve raised almost £3000 (if you include Gift Aid) which is. Well. Incredible, really. I’m going to leave the fundraising page open for a couple of months, so if you’d like to sponsor me retrospectively (or you were waiting for evidence that I actually did it before parting with your cold, hard cash ;) ) then you can do so here:



Friday Thanks

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Dear chocolate covered raisins,

Thanks for being delicious, no matter what brand I buy. A little certainty every now and again is always appreciated.



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31 for 31: Get My Eyes Lasered

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Goodbye, old friends. I no longer need your help because I had laser eye surgery on the 11th of August (after booking in a mere three weeks before!) :D

I think actually that was kind of helpful because it gave me less time to be scared after reading the terms and conditions (otherwise known as the “If you die it’s not our fault” document).

I ummed and ahhed about adding this to my 31 for 31 list, but eventually decided to include it because #yolo. It’s been on my Life List for years but I’ve always put it off, so I figured giving myself a deadline would be the final push I needed to get it done. Yes, it was expensive (I paid £2400 in the end, I had a £500 off voucher) but also totally, totally worth it. There were, however, a couple of surprises that I wish I had known about before hand…

Things they do not tell you when you get your eyes lasered:

  1. You have to sleep in googles. For a week.
  2. These googles won’t fit over the bridge of your nose and it’ll drive you so crazy that you give up by the fourth night and just sleep unguarded #renegade
  3. “Mild discomfort” can sometimes translate to “holy hell I think my eyes are burning out of my face”
  4. Your eyes might look a bit zombified for a few weeks, because there’ll be a line of blood around the laser cut site
  5. You can taste the eyedrops they give you.
  6. Nothing you eat will mask that taste, in the slightest. It is disgusting.
  7. You can’t wear eye make up for a week, either. My pale little redhead eyelashes were not pleased about this.


You do, however, get to buy My Little Pony sunglasses, so it sort of evens out. I’m not going to lie, the actual procedure was pretty freaky, and the first 6 hours or so were hell, but they’re healing well and I can see, you guys. No more double pairs of glasses to watch 3D films, no more squinting in the swimming pool, no more keeping my glasses clean. I am so, so happy!

If you’re thinking about getting it done and want to ask any questions then fire away, I’m happy to disclose all the gory* details ;)

*Just kidding! It wasn’t that bad, I promise! Wait, where are you going..?

Grace in Small Things

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  • Bank holiday weekends
  • The date jar
  • Bullet journalling
  • Nice new clients
  • Baking something new

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Friday Thanks

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Dear laser eye surgery,

Thank you for changing my life. This is amazing.



PS. Sunglasses are awesome, who knew?

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Monthly Goals: July & August

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5 Goals for July [4.5/5]

  1. Go for a bike ride at least once
  2. Sort through and organise my clothes
  3. Complete “How to make a website” and “JavaScript Foundations” on Treehouse
  4. No new clothes/books etc for the month
  5. Complete five ‘house to-do’ items [13/5]

July wasn’t too difficult – I did cheat a little on the ‘no books / no clothes’ rule but I’m giving myself a pass on that one. I bought some leggings for the gym since none of mine fit me (hence why I need to go to the gym ;) ) and I bought an ebook at a reduced price that was going back up to full price before the end of July, so, y’know, technically I saved money? That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway ;)

I didn’t manage to get the Treehouse stuff finished – I think I just underestimated how draining it is to learn new stuff like that, and I found that I couldn’t absorb it as quickly as I would have liked. I did, however, organise my clothes and have managed to keep them organised all month – hurray! We also smashed the house to do list, managing 13 items when all I was aiming for was 5. So much pretty!




5 Goals for August [0/5]

  1. Cook 5 new recipes [0/5]
  2. Read 5 library books [0/5]
  3. Watch 5 of my 31 for 31 films [0/5]
  4. Finish the top secret project for Arthur’s birthday
  5. Complete the first draft of Télégramme

Onto August! Four of these are 31 for 31 related – I really want to try and knock off some of the easy ones early, to give myself a bit of breathing room at the end of the year! :)