buzzcutchong head shave Photo courtesy of Amy Davies

It’s been two months (and a few days) since I shaved my head for charity – can you believe that? Time. Flies. I thought people might like to see the progress that it’s making, so here are a few quick shots of it growing! Apologies if we follow each other on Instagram, you’ve already seen these my friends 😉 + 0 Head shave day! It was shaved to a number 1, so it was pretty damn short. In fact, I think my eyebrows were longer than…Continue Reading “#BuzzCutChong – Two Months On”

After I shaved my head, we headed down to Gwdihw (pronounced good-e-hue) for a much needed gin. Gwdihw is Welsh for owl, which is appropriate as they happened to have some furry friends from the local owl sanctuary there and you could pet them. For free. I’ve had “pet a tiny owl” on my Life List ever since seeing this amazing video… so you’d better believe I petted that owl. I’m not sure if you can tell from my very understated expression, but I was a little…Continue Reading “Life List: Pet A Tiny Owl”

I added “learn how to french braid my hair” to my 31 for 31, not really thinking about the fact that I was due to shave my head in August and that my hair probably  wouldn’t be long enough by June 2015 to attempt it. If you’re wondering if I am particularly good at forward planning, I think this is perhaps your answer. Luckily, I realised ahead of time and french braiding, it turns out, is not that difficult to learn. The photo below was my…Continue Reading “Life List / 31 for 31: Learn How to French Braid My Hair”

This time last year we were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary* in Paris. I cannot believe I let a whole year go by before writing this – where are my manners? I’d had “see Paris from the Eiffel Tower” on my Life List since I first wrote it – and in my head in general for years and years before that – so it was super gratifying to finally be able to tick this one off. We had the absolute perfect weather for it,…Continue Reading “Life List: See Paris From the Eiffel Tower”

5 Goals for August [3/5] Cook 5 new recipes [5/5] Read 5 library books [5/5] Watch 5 of my 31 for 31 films [5/5] Finish the top secret project for Arthur’s birthday Complete the first draft of Télégramme Oh, August. I had such grand plans for you but it didn’t quite work out like that. Sometimes these goals are a lesson in patience and failure, I find. I didn’t finish Télégramme (altho I did, at least, start it), I didn’t finish Arthur’s present and I…Continue Reading “Monthly Goals: August & September”

buzzcutchong head shave Photo courtesy of Amy Davies

WELL. Where do I even start with this one?! Yesterday was an absolute roller coaster of a day (much emotions,  so feelings). As most of you are probably well aware, for the last 18 months or so I’ve been planning to shave my head to raise money for charity and honour my friend, Lisa, who sadly died last year from cancer. I wrote about it all here, if you’re interested. I decided to split the money I raised between three charities: The Royal Marsden Hospital, who…Continue Reading “Life List / 31 for 31: Shave My Head For Charity”