Grace In Small Things

This is an accumulated list of all of the Grace in Small Things post. Seeing them all listed here makes me so unbelievably happy, I can’t believe I waited so long to do it.

      1. Making lists (how appropriate!)
      2. Meeting old friends
      3. Free muffins
      4. Making friends in my new job
      5. Piles of crisp, fallen leaves
      6. Taking photos in the Tate and being told off. Rebel!
      7. Jokes with friends
      8. Ridiculously large paper flowers
      9. Trees with graffiti & the fattest pigeons in the world
      10. Walls covered in snooker table felt
      11. Afternoons off
      12. Hats with ear flaps
      13. Chilli lemon flavoured crisps
      14. Getting your teeth into a project
      15. Paper to do lists (& crossing things off!)
      16. Voucher codes
      17. Making new girl friends at work (& liking them!)
      18. Unbruised bananas
      19. Seeing your favourite blogs are updating again (hi Amy!)
      20. Finding a giraffe buddy (Hi Alan!)
      21. Empty streets, in the early morning sun
      22. New crisp flavours
      23. Hot chocolate with marshmallows & cream
      24. Thinking it’s Sunday, when it’s Saturday
      25. Creating something beautiful
      26. Learning and remembering how to spell fluorescent
      27. Remembering why you started a project in the first place
      28. The onset of spring
      29. Being able to wear skirts
      30. The colour of egg yolks, when you break into a soft fried egg
      31. Finding a spare passport photo, so I don’t have to pay for new ones
      32. Losing at chess, but not as badly as before
      33. Cheesecake for breakfast
      34. Forgotten broken jewellery, suddenly fixed
      35. Scarlett Johanson
      36. Pandas that do not really look like pandas
      37. Sunlight, early in the morning
      38. Empty carparks
      39. Receiving surprise post
      40. 35mm film love
      41. Crunching on new snow
      42. The small click of the Kindle’s* ‘next page’ button
      43. Christmas chocolate. Even tho it’s the same as regular chocolate it just tastes better
      44. Mulled cider
      45. Cuddles in bed on a day off from work
      46. Laughing out loud in the cinema, with other people
      47. Actually, just laughing in general
      48. Goodnight routines
      49. Ham, salad cream and lettuce sandwiches
      50. Bed hair that actually looks good
      51. Being able to not take a coat to work
      52. Sunshine
      53. Homemade salad dressing
      54. Shampoo that smells like apples
      55. Santini cherry tomatoes from M&S
      56. Marshmallows
      57. Soft tissues
      58. Being ahead of target
      59. Libraries that let you check the books out yourself
      60. The warmth of putting on a jumper when the air is chilly
      61. Reading blogs about cooking and feeling inspired to try new things
      62. Finding sea glass on the beach
      63. Plasters that look like happy clouds
      64. Air conditioning in a hot hotel room
      65. Coming home after a weekend away
      66. Falling into bed when you’re exhausted
      67. Dipping your feet in the sea
      68. New tattoo plans
      69. Realising you made the right choice for you
      70. Quiet nights in
      71. Ice-cream on a hot day
      72. Planning adventures
      73. Weather warm enough to warrant opening the balcony doors
      74. Cocktails with friends
      75. Fresh fruit from the market
      76. New pens
      77. Pleasing fonts
      78. Chips soaked in vinegar
      79. Rediscovering old favourite songs
      80. Ripe cherries
      81. Waking up with the sun
      82. Clementines that peel easily
      83. Putting on a pair of brand new socks
      84. Home made butterscotch sauce
      85. The satisfaction of beating a high score
      86. Neat handwriting
      87. Finally finishing a project you started a long time ago
      88. Picnic sets
      89. The first glimpses of spring
      90. Coral coloured clothes
      91. Pink sea salt
      92. Cool showers after a work out
      93. The first strawberries of the year
      94. Other people’s pregnancy announcements
      95. Yellow ukuleles
      96. Little round pandas
      97. Balmy summer evenings
      98. Origami hearts
      99. The reassuring sound of the Minolta shutter
      100. Snowglobes
      101. Commissioned artwork that turns out better than you could have imagined
      102. Counting the coins in the piggy bank
      103. Finding coins minted in the current year
      104. Homemade banana ice cream
      105. Making people laugh with silly jokes
      106. Yellow towels
      107. Duvet days
      108. The sound of rain on the balcony
      109. Ladybirds
      110. Stepping into the shade on a hot day
      111. Working with friends
      112. Buying new prints for the walls
      113. Soft, salty, perfectly ripe blue cheese
      114. Making a cake and licking the spoon
      115. Cinema buddies
      116. Having friends willing to try new things with you
      117. Working through the fear
      118. Shoes covered in glitter
      119. Date jars
      120. Yellow books, full of happiness
      121. Saturday morning traditions
      122. Making wild plans for the future
      123. Ampersands
      124. Fresh fruit salad
      125. Chocolate mousse that only has two ingredients
      126. Long phone calls with my mum
      127. Seeing my (7 months pregnant) sister’s baby bump for the first time
      128. Dairy free yoghurts
      129. Wicker bike baskets
      130. Notes on chalkboards
      131. New creative projects
      132. My favourite makeup, for free
      133. Working from home
      134. Exercises I can do in my pyjamas
      135. Cycling through the park
      136. Fresh cherries
      137. Saturday morning lounging in my dressing gown
      138. Satisfying an avocado craving
      139. Opening post
      140. Heart shaped balloons
      141. Finding a good mascara
      142. Blue cheese dip
      143. Celebrating friend’s birthdays
      144. Working on creative projects
      145. Rewatching Lost
      146. Learning new ukulele chords
      147. Mini trifles
      148. Typing
      149. Running your wrists under the cold tap
      150. Other people’s Grace in Small Things lists
      151. Being reunited with a lost item
      152. Breakfast on the balcony
      153. Dinner with friends
      154. Roadtrips
      155. Yellow satchels
      156. Tacos for dinner
      157. Standing in a refreshing breeze
      158. The feeling of relief after you put down something heavy
      159. Plaited hair
      160. Unexpected visits from friends
      161. Listening to Q play the guitar
      162. Staying up late to read a good book
      163. Having a weekend free of plans
      164. Asparagus
      165. Clotted cream
      166. Laughing so much you start crying
      167. Seeing friends you haven’t seen in a long time
      168. The first stretch of the day
      169. Giant paper flowers
      170. Homegrown mint
      171. Inspiring bloggers
      172. Salted caramel
      173. Bedtime routines
      174. Ticking things off a to-do list
      175. New recipes
      176. The smell of unsmoked tobacco
      177. Peanut butter and jam
      178. New books by my favourite authors
      179. Spherical pandas
      180. Gold post boxes
      181. Glitter
      182. Emptying the laundry basket
      183. Happy tears
      184. Enjoying something you thought you wouldn’t
      185. Being able to watch as many films as we want
      186. Flumps
      187. The relief of scratching an itch
      188. Other people’s Life Lists
      189. The smell of dinner cooking
      190. Completing a crossword without cheating
      191. Snuggling in a duvet on a cold day
      192. Learning new recipes
      193. Panda jigsaw puzzles
      194. Starting traditions
      195. Film trailers
      196. Buffet lunches
      197. Swimming in the sunshine
      198. Towels shaped like animals
      199. Air conditioning
      200. Comfortable beds
      201. People that can make you laugh
      202. An unexpected flattering photo
      203. Free cocktails
      204. Ice cold cans of coke
      205. Lilos
      206. Watching a Disney film, cwtched up on the sofa
      207. Freckles
      208. Thunder and lightning
      209. Hearing your favourite song on the radio
      210. Friendly animals
      211. Refracted rainbows
      212. Lazy days
      213. Maraschino cherries
      214. Yellow watches
      215. Crisp winter mornings
      216. Getting excited about Christmas
      217. Singing
      218. Party food
      219. The smell of a BBQ cooking
      220. Sunday morning snuggles
      221. Tidy surfaces
      222. Mittens
      223. Imagining your perfect house
      224. Making new friends
      225. Lego safari sets
      226. Panda videos
      227. Christmas films
      228. Stew season
      229. Learning a new skill
      230. Being paid a genuine compliment
      231. Scarf weather
      232. Mince pies
      233. Matching crockery
      234. Knitting for the first time in ages
      235. Electric blankets
      236. Reindeer jammies
      237. Bacon jam
      238. Homemade soup
      239. Care packages from far away friends
      240. Rereading a favourite book
      241. Gluten free jaffa cakes (Thanks Q!)
      242. Hair long enough to put in a ponytail
      243. Yellow bookmarks
      244. Cinema trips
      245. Curling up in a duvet on the sofa
      246. Unexpected happy post
      247. Keeping resolutions
      248. Yellow umbrellas
      249. New mittens
      250. Hotdogs
      251. Brightly coloured saucepans
      252. A freshly hoovered floor
      253. Homemade desserts
      254. Library books
      255. Sending letters
      256. Sequins that catch the light
      257. Rereading treasured children’s books
      258. Holding hands
      259. Warm showers after wet weather
      260. Constellations
      261. Sending fun post
      262. Cars with heated seats
      263. Quiet moments of inspiration
      264. Fresh fruit
      265. Running your fingers through wet hair
      266. An extra ten minutes in bed
      267. Perfecting a recipe
      268. A new yellow dressing gown
      269. Singing in the car
      270. Cwtches
      271. Rain hard enough to soak you to the skin
      272. The sound of rain falling on an umbrella
      273. Big, warm, snuggly jumpers
      274. Tape dispensers
      275. Clearing out clutter
      276. Blog comments from my mum
      277. New albums from old favourites
      278. Meeting a friend’s baby for the first time
      279. Getting better at crosswords
      280. Wheat Crunchies
      281. Morning cwtches
      282. Warm towels
      283. Clean bedding
      284. Swimming
      285. Pretty stationery
      286. Feather pillows
      287. Yellow Zebra scarves
      288. Salty sea air
      289. Any song with a harp in it
      290. Waking up without an alarm
      291. Crisp morning air
      292. Learning something new
      293. Ukulele practice
      294. Cute socks
      295. Fanta
      296. Purging our possessions
      297. Offensively neon jumpers
      298. Red lipstick that lasts
      299. A fixed watch strap
      300. Being woken up by the sunlight
      301. Learning new ukulele songs with a fellow enthusiast
      302. Finally using up food we’ve had for ages
      303. New episodes of favourite TV shows
      304. Nectarines for breakfast
      305. Dipping your feet in a paddling pool on a hot day
      306. BBQs with friends
      307. BBQs in general, in fact
      308. Our favourite wedding mementos on permanent display
      309. Booking holidays
      310. Beautiful books about your hometown
      311. Tissue paper pom poms
      312. Solar lights
      313. Growing something from scratch
      314. A fan on a hot day
      315. Dreams of swimming pools
      316. Disco balls
      317. Cool showers
      318. Making someone laugh unexpectedly
      319. Friendships spanning a decade
      320. Yellow lilos
      321. Holiday countdowns
      322. Cinema snacks
      323. Films that are funnier than you’re expecting
      324. Afternoon naps
      325. Comedy nights
      326. Ripping up carpet
      327. Taking your shoes off after a long day
      328. Maxi dresses that fit
      329. Fresh strawberries
      330. Eating something you grew yourself
      331. Friendly pets
      332. Making it home before the rain
      333. A sunny yellow wall
      334. Snuggling under the duvet reading, listening to the rain outside
      335. Finally reading books that have been on the ‘to read’ list for years
      336. Indoor picnics
      337. Swimming underwater
      338. Feather duvets
      339. Animal themed luggage
      340. Curtains that let the light in
      341. A really good pair of tweezers
      342. Remote controls
      343. New yellow jackets
      344. Spending time with people who make you laugh
      345. Soft butter on warm bread
      346. Quiet walks around the lake
      347. The smell of tomatoes
      348. Free time to blog
      349. Strawberry juice
      350. New hoodies
      351. The first autumn chill
      352. Feeling accomplished, post flat pack build
      353. Sea salt
      354. New series’ of favourite TV shows
      355. Looking through old photographs
      356. Non regulation cinema snacks (Sandwiches! Sushi!)
      357. Calculators
      358. Trailers for films you’re dying to see
      359. Cute snails
      360. Getting films developed
      361. Tote bags
      362. Cushions
      363. Slipper boots
      364. Hair bands
      365. Cwtches with kittens
      366. A brand new razor
      367. Freshly washed hair
      368. Crunching through leaves
      369. Salted caramel candles
      370. Bright red lipstick
      371. Cwtches from #ChongCat
      372. Movie marathons at the cinema
      373. Good hosting companies!
      374. Finishing something you started
      375. Learning new words
      376. Making holiday plans
      377. Finally framing photos
      378. Sparklers
      379. Gloves on a cold day
      380. Stools that look like giant champagne corks
      381. Heated seats
      382. Outdoor hot tubs
      383. Hand knitted jumpers
      384. Trees full of yellow leaves
      385. Laughing with a friend
      386. Christmas sandwiches
      387. The best pair of boots I’ve ever owned
      388. Fairy lights
      389. Sentimental pieces of jewellery
      390. Birthdays
      391. Snuggly jumpers
      392. Amazing water pressure
      393. Time to reflect
      394. Neatly wrapped presents
      395. Pudding jumpers
      396. Making plans with your oldest (and dearest) friends
      397. A hot shower for the first time in days
      398. Getting really into a new TV series
      399. Spending a giftcard
      400. Apple juice
      401. Yellow baubles
      402. Getting over the hiccups
      403. Cats who purr when you pet them
      404. Upgraded Kindles
      405. Saucisson
      406. Completing the first month of the Colour:365 project
      407. Hosting a successful Life List party
      408. Cats who come home
      409. Fountain pens
      410. The first sugary drink after a month of abstinence
      411. Finally watching films we’ve had recorded for ages
      412. Stripy wool
      413. Blankets
      414. BBQ plans
      415. Grapes fresh from the fridge
      416. Writing letters
      417. Perfumes that smell like weather
      418. Fudge
      419. Old episodes of our favourite shows
      420. Coming in from the rain
      421. Learning to code
      422. Playing video games all day
      423. A trip to a new city
      424. Banana pancakes
      425. Working from the hammock
      426. Orange squash
      427. Phone chargers
      428. Capital letters
      429. Cute babies
      430. Silly cat noises
      431. Clean fingernails
      432. Days off
      433. Making a friend laugh
      434. Rediscovering old favourite TV shows
      435. Winning a quiz
      436. Bank holidays
      437. Mango juice
      438. Buttercups
      439. Framing favourite photos
      440. Fresh kiwi fruit
      441. Coral coloured shoes
      442. Flat ground
      443. Meeting online friends in person
      444. X-Men geek outs
      445. Scratching an itch
      446. Summery tote bags of joy
      447. Happy birthdays
      448. Moisturiser
      449. Catchy songs
      450. Treacle toffees
      451. Yawning
      452. SD cards
      453. Fluffy towels
      454. Opening a brand new jar of something
      455. Shade
      456. Sunday morning lie-ins
      457. Pretty jewellery
      458. Nostalgia
      459. Good neighbours
      460. Hydrangeas
      461. Feeling motivated
      462. Washi tape
      463. Chucking out old receipts
      464. Emails from your favourite person
      465. Hydrangeas
      466. Feeling motivated
      467. Washi tape
      468. Chucking out old receipts
      469. Emails from your favourite person
      470. Bank holiday weekends
      471. The date jar
      472. Bullet journalling
      473. Nice new clients
      474. Baking something new
      475. Laughing with my mum
      476. Giant deckchairs
      477. Chips by the seaside
      478. Quiet moments of peace
      479. Putting down my phone for a day or two
      480. The ease of super short hair
      481. Eyedrops
      482. Perfectly firm grapes
      483. The sizzle of butter hitting a hot pan
      484. Relaxing in warm water, feeling the sun on your face
      485. Panda slippers
      486. Fountain pens
      487. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
      488. Learning how to make cookies
      489. Netflix
      490. Fluffy rugs
      491. Cookbooks
      492. Salt and lemon on everything
      493. Super soft socks
      494. Cloud shaped cushions