Falling Forward

Friday Thanks

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Dear Cardiff,

Thanks for being so easy to fall in love with. You have quiet spaces and an awesome library and you feel like home to this redhead – no mean feat to someone who grew up 200 miles south west of you.



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New Office

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We moved into The Morgan Aracde Studios in Cardiff recently and it gets the most amazing light, almost all day.




Fire Exit


It was nice to pick up my camera after months of just snapping shots at events, rather than anything creative. I’ve got a film waiting to be processed with more shots from the office, I’m excited to see how they turn out!

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The Weekend In Pictures

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The weekend was lovely. Jools and Ian came to visit us and bought homemade rocky road from Portsmouth and St John’s doughnuts from London. Both were incredible. (Nom!)

We met up with a gaggle of twitter women and Saturday night was filled with cocktails, of which there are no photos. Oops! But I managed to tick another three off my life list wish of try 100 cocktails, which was ace. (& I didn’t wake up with a hangover, double bonus). For lunch we took Ian and Jools out for dim sum, along with Liz and Scott. Pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves, there was barely a scrap of food left so I think we did okay!


Then we headed to Cardiff Bay to check out the food festival with their pretty bunting and gorgeous ice cream…


and also introduced them to the wonderful weirdness that is the Ianto Jones Memorial wall. Good times!


It’s nice when people come to visit you. It’s especially nice for me to show people around my new home, it makes me feel like a proper resident, heh. Thanks for coming, guys :) it was awesome.


It’s Been A Long Time Coming…

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But boy are the changes coming now. Two weeks today and Q will be making his way down the M5 to Cornwall, coming to pick me up and take me to Cardiff, with all my stuff, to stay. For good.

Let’s just absorb that for a second shall we? [feel free to make a cup of tea or beverage of your choice whilst I reflect on exactly how long I have been waiting for this and how amazing it feels for it to be right around the corner.]

I cannot wait to get there. In a tooting my own horn scenario I am massively proud of myself for throwing off the ‘financial retard’ (*snort*) shackle left to me by my previous boyfriend (thank you so much for that, dear) and saving £1200 in four months so that I am able to move to be with the love of my life. Fun! I’ve got enough money behind me that I can theoretically be unemployed for two months (but oh god, please don’t let me be unemployed for two months), I can enjoy my time and actually get to spend more than 5 days in a row with my boyfriend.

Those of you who know me well will realise what a turnaround this last twelve months have been for me. Those who don’t might think it strange that in the last year I’ve seemingly gone through houses, jobs, counties and relationships like outfits that don’t fit. It’s not as simple as the story portrays, so altho some people might think I’m (or we’re) rushing, I don’t. I think I’m finally moving towards the things I’ve been waiting for for a long time. Things I had all but given up on finding at all.

Love is amazing.


Letting Go

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My hair is too long and it’s flicking out over my ears when I put my glasses on. It makes me feel a little self conscious, feeling these tufts – not long enough to have weight; not short enough to be neat. They’re my default now, the first place my fingers go to when I am thinking or fretting – smoothing out the kinks again and again and again, unable to keep them straight. I tuck them behind my ears time and time again but I always find them flicked out whenever my fingers creep back.

I didn’t get selected for an interview for the job that I’d applied for. The new people to the game might have been surprised by my reaction but I wasn’t. I’m sure they were ready for tears but there weren’t any, just that beautiful sense of release. For all the stress and worry I put myself through in the run up and the wait, once the news comes I am surprisingly stoic – a quality I can probably thank my genes for.

I can stop wondering when they will get back to me, if it’ll be a phone call or an email or a letter on the mat. Whether or not I will be able to afford the ticket home, if I have the right clothes to wear or the right things to say. My stress levels are back down to zero (for this particular portion of my life at least, other things continue to cause problems but I am nothing if not good at compartmentalising at least) and I am calm for the first time in weeks.

It might have been different, perhaps, if I’d been beaten by a narrow margin. Just missing out on something is always more heart wrenchingly gutting. This job, however, had 145 applicants. Let me reiterate that – one hundred and forty five people. The fact that I matched their nine essential criteria but not the one desirable would have kicked me out in the first round under those circumstances, and I certainly don’t envy them the process – how the hell do you even begin to choose?

There will be other jobs, and I will apply and possibly there will be more disappointment in the future but I’m not low and I don’t feel sad about this one. For now I’m going to concentrate on having a lovely weekend with the boy who makes my heart beat faster; god I love that kid. My only sadness really is that I don’t get to spend a few more days with him this week – he’s been sorely missed during the past four.