Guys, guys! Guess what! The library is finally finished! Hurrah! Rejoice, etc. We started working on it when we first moved in two and a half years ago (whoa) and it’s finally, finally finished. It’s been on my Life List for as long as I remember, and I can’t express enough how much joy it brings me to spend time in this little room. Before Oh, before. When we moved in the walls were pale blue paint over stripy blue wallpaper. The skirting boards were SILVER…Continue Reading “Life List: Have a Library”

Wait, you don’t have a library? In all seriousness, we are very fortunate to have been able to buy a house large enough for me to indulge my childhood dreams. I’ve wanted my own library for as long as I can remember, and we’ve been working hard since we moved in to turn this dusty, neglected box room into a cosy, joyous haven. The bulk of the renovation is done – we’ve removed the silver (!) paint from the skirting boards, stripped the stripy wallpaper…Continue Reading “Picking Prints for the Library”

I read 20 books in June. Which is a bit ridiculous but also pretty nice. I’m only 15 books away from hitting my original 100 books target, so it looks like I’ll have to up it a bit! I tend to read books on my Kindle whilst I’m at work and I took it to Portugal to save on luggage space so I’ve managed to amass a rather large stack of library books at home, languishing in the corner. It wouldn’t be so bad but I…Continue Reading “July Challenge”

The delectable Miss Marks monitored how many books she’s read last year and racked up a whopping 140. I’m a bit of a vorocious reader, and she’s inspired me to do the same this year. I am always thankful to have a local library – without which I’d probably have to choose between books and buying food, in which case I would always be starving. I’ve added my list to the top tab bar, above, and plan to do a monthly round up for any…Continue Reading “Books, Books & More Books”