Dear Q, Thank you for bringing home wheat and dairy free bakewell tarts for me. It’s nice that you know they’re my favourites and that I miss them now I can’t eat any of those things. Bonus (soon to be) husband points for you! 🙂 Love Sarah See other Friday Thanks here or visit the original inspiration for the project here. I’m running a giveaway until August 14th. If you like books and money you should check it out since I’m giving away both 

You may or may not know this but Q and I actually officially got together during the early hours of my 27th birthday. This is awesome for two reasons: 1.We get to celebrate two things at once. Multi tasking. 2. Now there is only one date to remember he really has no excuse to forget either one. So we decided, to celebrate these two things, that we would book some time off and go away together. We’d both been craving some vitamin D and although…Continue Reading “Portugal, You Owe Me €74”

“Wow, there’s a lot of you here!” The instructor says, smiling. “Is it because Dancing on Ice is back on the TV?” Everyone else nods and laughs whilst Q and I share a look of mock scorn. No. We are not taking ice skating lessons because of Dancing on Ice. In face we are mostly taking lessons because: a) I have always wanted to and it’s on my life list b) It’s the one sport type thing I am not absolutely terrible at and c)…Continue Reading “Dancing on Ice”

day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then? If I met 2009 me in the street I honestly couldn’t promise I’d recognise her. Head down, short hair, barely a smile. She’s a world away from where I am today. I’m a much happier, friendlier, more fun filled person now. My life is so good, I wouldn’t change any of it. I’ve got everything I need right now, right here. January, 2010 vs Janaury 2011 Q took…Continue Reading “Day 28”

Hi, food. I missed you. Let us never be apart again. I finally started to feel better at the beginning of the week and now I’m back to eating like I was never ill, which is always nice. Plus I seem to have lost a few pounds because I can fit into the ultra skinny skinny jeans I bought in Tesco yesterday (even if I have had to unbutton them whilst I’m sat down – I’m svelt not a matchstick for goodness sake, ha). Being…Continue Reading “On Being Well Again & Why I Will Always Pick Cake Over Skinny”

But boy are the changes coming now. Two weeks today and Q will be making his way down the M5 to Cornwall, coming to pick me up and take me to Cardiff, with all my stuff, to stay. For good. … Let’s just absorb that for a second shall we? [feel free to make a cup of tea or beverage of your choice whilst I reflect on exactly how long I have been waiting for this and how amazing it feels for it to be…Continue Reading “It’s Been A Long Time Coming…”

I turned 27 on Sunday. Did I mention at all? It’s Thursday now and I’ve been meaning to do a catch up post every day since then but what with the seemingly never ending stream of things to do or emotions to feel or pollen to attack I got a bit sidetracked. Cardiff was fantastic. As always.I got some amazing presents before I went – a hoodie I’ve wanted for five years and a necklace I’ve been coveting since the minute I laid eyes on…Continue Reading “Better Late Than Never”

It’s Wednesday now. Not a traditional time to start celebrating the weekend but since I am up off the M5 again tomorrow after work (and since I am leaving at 3pm tomorrow it hardly even counts as a full day) I am going to put my party hat* on right about now. My birthday plans have changed so many times this year I’ve almost lost count but I’m so excited about this weekend that I don’t really mind now. I wanted to go on holiday,…Continue Reading “27th Birthday, Come In. Your Time Is Up.”